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Following the events of the limited series crossover Infinite Crisis, every DC comic series jumped ahead in-story by one year. The events of the missing year were depicted in real time in the weekly comic book series 52.The year-long absence of the three most prominent superheroes of the DC Comics universe — Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman — and their return to active duty was a significant part of both the "One Year Later" series and 52 series.

mediafire links

Superman - Up, Up, & Away

 Batman - Face the Face

Aquaman:Sword of Atlantis

Catwoman - The Replacements  

 Firestorm: The Nuclear Man

Hawkgirl - The Maw

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes

 Green Lantern - Revenge Of The GLs

Nightwing - Brothers in Blood

supergirl- candor

robin wanted

green arrow v3

teen titans- the new teen titans

manhunter psychobabble

blood of the demon

JSA ghost stories

outsiders- the good fight 


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