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The Phantom is an American adventure comic strip, it stars a costumed crimefighter operating from the fictional African country Bangalla.The Phantom is the 21st in a line of crimefighters that originated in 1536, when the father of British sailor Christopher Walker was killed during a pirate attack. Swearing an oath to fight evil on the skull of his father's murderer, Christopher started the legacy of the Phantom that would be passed from father to son, leaving people to give the mysterious figure nicknames such as "The Ghost Who Walks", The Man Who Cannot Die and Guardian of the Eastern Dark, believing him to be immortal.


The Phantom - Mini Series (1988)- #1 - #4 - (May 1988 - Aug 1988)

Phantom mini-series #1 (13.14 MB)

Phantom mini-series #2 (12.72 MB)

Phantom mini-series #3 (13.25 MB)

Phantom mini-series #4 (13.56 MB)

The Phantom - Regular Series - #01 - #13 - (Mar 1989 - Mar 1990)

Phantom-DC V2-01
Phantom-DC V2-02
Phantom-DC V2-03
Phantom-DC V2-04
Phantom-DC V2-05
Phantom-DC V2-06
Phantom-DC V2-07
Phantom-DC V2-08
Phantom-DC V2-09
Phantom-DC V2-10
Phantom-DC V2-11
Phantom-DC V2-12
Phantom-DC V2-13

The Phantom 2040- Marvel Comics - (#1 to #4) - (May - Aug 1995)

Phantom 2040 1of4 (12.55 MB)

Phantom 2040 2of4 (10.23 MB)

Phantom 2040 3of4 (11.86 MB)

Phantom 2040 4of4 (12.05 MB)

The Phantom - Wolf Publishing - All (#1 to #9) -(1992-93)











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