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Basin City, almost universally referred to by the nickname Sin City, is a fictional town in the American west. The climate is hot and arid, although Sacred Oaks is characterized as being heavily wooded. A major river runs through the city, which has an extensive waterfront. Usually twice a year, a major downpour comes, and (in That Yellow Bastard) the city gets heavy snowfall in the winter. In the comics, Basin City has a surreal, Pan-American feel. Desert lizards and palm trees are common, while tar pits, desert areas, mountain ranges and flat farmland make up the landscape around the city.


Sin City pt. 1 - The Hard Goodbye (001-013).rar

Sin City pt. 2 - A Dame to Kill For (001-006).rar

Sin City pt. 3 - The Big Fat Kill (001-005).rar

Sin City pt. 4 - That Yellow Bastard (001-006).rar

Sin City pt. 5 - Family Values.cbr

Sin City pt. 6 - Booze, Broads, & Bullets (001-006).rar

Sin City pt. 7 - Hell and Back (A Sin City Love Story) (001-009).rar


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