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The Teen Titans were a team of young super-heroes who were the former sidekicks to older, more experienced heroes. They first came together when Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash responded to an emergency taking place in the hamlet village known as Hatton Corners. There they fought a mysterious villain calling himself Mister Twister. After defeating Mister Twister and robbing him of his elemental powers, the three young heroes decided to band together as the Teen Titans.


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new teen titans-01
new teen titans-02
new teen titans-03
new teen titans-04
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new teen titans-07
new teen titans-08
new teen titans-09
new teen titans-10
new teen titans-11
new teen titans-12
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new teen titans-16
new teen titans-17
new teen titans-18
new teen titans-19
new teen titans-20
new teen titans-21
new teen titans-22
new teen titans-23
new teen titans-24
new teen titans-25
new teen titans-26
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new teen titans-28
new teen titans-29
new teen titans-30
new teen titans-31
new teen titans-32
new teen titans-33
new teen titans-34
new teen titans-35
new teen titans-36
new teen titans-37
new teen titans-38
new teen titans-39
new teen titans-40
new teen titans-41
new teen titans-42
new teen titans-43
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new teen titans-45
new teen titans-46
new teen titans-47
new teen titans-48
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